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Pertemuan 01

Tugas Pribadi 1

Mini case 1 – Saatchi & Saatchi

In December 1994, as a result of sustained pressure from the principal shareholders, Maurice Saatchi was dismissed from his post as chairman of the company. Saatchi, a controversial figure, had founded and managed the firm. His dismissal was intended to prevent a further sharp fall in the company’s share prices, and it was greeted with initial enthusiasm.

        However, the consequences were fatal. Maurice Saatchi quickly formed a new company, continued to trade under the name of Saatchi, and recruited many of the most creative employees from the old company. Owing to this enormous loss of intellectual capital, CORDIANT, the company which succeeded SAATCHI & SAATCHI, lost customer accounts worth over £50m. in a matter of weeks. The share price collapsed by a further third in the following six months.



Mini case 2 – Volkswagen & General Motors

The danger of losing knowledge when key workers depart is by no means restricted to traditionally creative industries such as advertising, design or entertainment. A case in point is the dramatic move of Josh Ignacio Upez, chief of purchasing at GENERAL MOTORS, to VOLKSWAGEN.

        This move was the subject of a lengthy debate. GENERAL MOTORS initially made massive demands for damages, alleging that documents or computer files had been transferred illegally. However, this dispute was eclipsed by the fact that here too, the loss of a key employee was followed by the exodus of a whole group of highly skilled managers. Uncoded intellectual assets of incalculable value were carried off in the heads of the renegades, and were irrevocably lost for GENERAL MOTORS.


Questions to answer

Untuk kedua kasus diatas berikan bahasan anda untuk :

  • Apa faktor knowledge dalam penekanan kasus diatas?
  • Apa saja kesalahan dari perubahan-perusahaan yang ada diatas?
  • Apa saja faktor pembelajaran yang didapat dari kasus pendek diatas?


Jawab :

  1. Faktor knowledge environment. Hal ini mendorong tumbuhnya peluang yang secara khusus dibidang layanan informasi atau spesialisasi di layanan knowledge. Berkembangnya atau industri yang khusus melayani kebutuhan knowledge atau berhasilnya perusahaan yang mempunyai sumber daya besar di knowledge. Munculnya pesaing baru khususnya yang berbasis kepada kreatifitas.
  2. Kesalahan dari perubahan-perusahaan yang ada diatas.
  • Dengan cepat mengganti knowledge perusahaan tersebut.
  • Hubungan antar setiap tingkatan management.
  • Data dan informasi.

      3.   Faktor pembelajaran yang didapat dari kasus pendek.

  • Jangan terlalu cepat mengambil keputusan untuk mengembangan knowledge management dalam suatu perusahaan.
  • Dicari terlebih dahulu data, informasi yang akan diproses menjadi knowledge.
  • Pasti banyak pesaing yang bermunculan di dalam bidang industri maka dari itu setiap perusahaan haus memberikan suatu hal yang lebih baik untuk customer.
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